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  • How do I know my ring or toe ring size?
    We have a whole page dedicated to helping you determine your ring size. Click here!
  • How do I know my ankle size?
    1. First decide if you want the anklet to lay above or below your ankle bone. 2. Place a string (non-stretchy variety) around the part of your ankle you want it to sit and then cut it to the length you desire. 3. Measure the length and add ¼ to ½" depending on how loose you want your anklet. NOTE: Several of our anklets come with an extender already attached. This will allow you some flexibility with the sizing. Pro Tip: Do your ankles swell? Measure your ankle when it is swollen as well as when it is not.
  • What are your toe rings made of?
    METALS Sterling Silver (SS): It's the standard for fine jewelry. It’s a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is used to harden the pure silver as it is too soft for making jewelry by itself. Sterling silver is considered hypoallergenic and it’s the whitest of all the metals. With proper care you SS ring will last about 4-8 years. 14K Gold Filled (GF): 14K gold filled is a federally regulated amount of 14K gold (5%) bonded to a base metal, usually brass. It is the next best thing to solid 14K gold. It has no nickel. With proper care your GF ring will last 2-4 years on average. Many customers confuse GF (which has a least 10 times more gold content) with gold tone or gold plate, which can sometimes last only days or weeks. Like Sterling Silver, 14K gold filled is considered hypoallergenic. 14K Gold Vermeil (GV): Gold vermeil uses .925 sterling silver as its base metal. Then it is plated with a much thicker layer of gold than normal gold plating. Because of that, most of our customers' GV rings will get 2-3 years of wear from it. However, because the base metal is sterling silver, you will have a silver ring you can still wear when the finish eventually wears off. GEM / STONES Cubic Zirconia (CZ): All of our Bling rings (e.g. Bling Amethyst, Bling Clear, Bling Emerald) are made with CZs. We also have CZs in Diana Blue Opal, as well as, Spring Flowers (SS), Chloe Amethyst, Shannon Emerald, Kate and Tiara. Opal: All of our opals are lab created. This gives them more durability for use in a toe ring. Rings included are: Diana Blue Opal, Meghan Blue Opal, Meghan White Opal, and Meghan Pink Opal. Sandstone: Our sandstone is a naturally created, genuine gem. It is used in our Meghan Sandstone BOLD ring.
  • Do you host parties?
    If you live in Central Texas we do! Share the toe ring love by having a party at your home or office! We will arrive about 30 minutes before the party to set up. Choose whether you want to have toe rings, anklets, ear cuffs…or ALL of them! You will get something special and the guests have FUN! There needs to be a minimum of 10 confirmed guests to schedule a party. Also, for the safety of our "Toe Pros", please upload your driver’s license when you complete the form on our "PARTIES" page located on the main menu above. We’ll contact you to schedule and cooridnate your party.
  • They’re REALLY comfortable?
    Yes, they are! Once you find your perfect size most people forget they have them on (until, of course, they look at their toes. Then their heart is so happy!) Most of our clients experience about 1-2 days of awareness after they first put them on. After that most people can wear them 24/7 in close-toed shoes, hiking boots, mukluks, tennis shoes, snow-shoes, slippers, clogs, wooden shoes, and flip-flops...just to name a few.
  • What toe should I wear my new toe ring on?
    Many people find that the most comfortable toe is the second toe (next to the big toe). We can almost guarantee a comfortable fit on that toe. We also have many clients that wear them on ALL their toes. However, after doing this for thirteen years, we've found that toes come in all sorts of sizes, lengths, and sensitivities--any of which can make a difference as to which toes can accomodate a ring. Everybodys different...give it a try! Don't forget about our "14 Day Fit Guarantee".
  • What if my feet swell?
    Most people’s feet and fingers swell at some point during the day. If you purchase a ring from us and the fit is not right take advantage of our "14-Day Fit Guarantee". Return it in new condition within 14 days and we’ll get the right size back to you…pronto! We want you to be comfortable and to love your new ring.
  • Why do you stack toe rings?
    A stack of toe rings looks like one large band but each ring can move independently of the others. The look is great and the flexibility allows for a comfortable, fabulous fit! But mostly we stack toe rings because 1 + 1 + 1 = AMAZING. Do the math!
  • How do I take care of my rings?
    To keep your rings shiny and get the most wear, we recommend taking them off BEFORE: Cleaning with household chemicals Swimming in rough-bottom swimming pools Using heavily chlorinated swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, hot springs, mineral springs, etc. 14K gold filled has an average lifespan of 2-4 years following these instructions. Sterling silver has an average lifespan of 4-10 years following these instructions.
  • Will a sterling silver or gold-filled ring change color or cause skin discoloration?
    A customer may think that faulty manufacturing could be the problem when a ring "turns," blackening or discoloring the clothing, skin, or the jewelry itself. However, that is not the case. Here are a few reasons your ring or skin may discolor. Chlorine can damage gold or sterling silver. Before you get in a pool, hot tub or spa with high chlorine levels, you should remove your rings first. Also, the acid in your skin can also cause a reaction with some metals, which can result in discoloration of the skin or the jewelry. One solution to this would be to try coating the ring with clear nail polish. Chemicals in lotion and makeup can also cause a negative reaction. There are ingredients in cosmetics that are actually harder than the metal used in jewelry. These ingredients can wear off microscopic pieces of metal that do not reflect light and may leave a dark mark on the skin. Salt air or water can also create a chemical reaction, especially if mixed with perspiration. If you need to clean your ring our favorite product is Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes. Some people also have success with Goddard’s Silver Foam for their sterling silver jewelry.
  • I have a small toe pad.  Should I worry about losing my ring?
    Having a larger toe pad does help to keep the ring on your toe. If you don’t have healthy-sized toe pads remove your rings before going into water – especially if it’s cold. You might also consider fitting your rings slightly tighter. Otherwise, even with smaller toe pads, you should be able to wear your toe rings 24/7.
  • Does your jewelry have a guarantee?
    We do everything we can to give you a worry-free shopping experience! In the event of a broken piece or defect we offer free replacement within 30 days of purchase.
  • Is it possible to have you fit me?
    Absolutely! We would love to see you at one of our events. Please check our "EVENTS" page, located on the main menu bar above, to see where we’ll be! Also, you might consider hosting a toe ring party if you live in central Texas--check out our "PARTIES" page, also located on the main menu bar above. One of our "Toe Pros" would be delighted to help fit you.
  • How do I get my new toe rings on?
    You will need to get them over the toe pad - typically the widest part of the toe. We recommend first using glass cleaner as a lubricant—yes…Windex (Please insert My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie comment here). And if you have a REALLY healthy toe pad you may need to use a liquid soap product in place of the Windex. Either way, after getting the toe wet you will need to use some combination of pressure while rocking the ring back and forth until it slides past the toe pad. Once you have the ring on be sure there’s some wiggle room. It should move around but not come off easily. Most people wear their toe rings near the center knuckle of the toe for the most comfortable fit. FYI: it’s usually much easier to remove your ring and if you have more than one on a toe, remove the rings one at a time.
  • What if my toe ring doesn't fit right?
    Usually, after a day or two, you will know if you’re happy with the fit. We have a "14-Day Fit Guarantee" if you need to return it for a refund or to try a different size. Instructions for resize/return are included in each package.
  • I need to return my toe ring for a new size or refund.  What should I do?
    We want you to love your purchase and we’ll do everything possible to make that happen! Put the ring in a padded envelope and mail it back to us. Enclose the return slip that came with your order and tell us whether you want an exchange or a refund. You have a full 14 days to try it out before exchanging it or receiving a full refund. The ring must be in NEW condition. If you have lost your return slip, please include your full name, address, phone number, and date you ordered it. Include instructions with what you want us to do (e.g. send a new size or get a refund). Generally, we’re able to get these in the mail back to you within one business day. Once the new ring is on its way back to you we’ll send an email with the tracking information. Mail it to: Toe Ring Queen 10017 Barbrook Drive Austin TX 78726
  • How much is shipping?
    We offer FREE SHIPPING (U.S. only) on orders over $40, via USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. Additionally, we offer a variety of shipping options when you place your order.
  • Do men wear toe rings?
    Only the really awesome ones! Seriously, during our thirteen years in business we’ve had the honor of fitting many really wonderful customers who just happened to be guys.
  • Do kids wear toe rings?
    Absolutely! When we fit a child we recommend fitting the toe next to the big toe as it tends to be the largest. And because they’re toes are still growing, be sure to check the ring occasionally to ensure it’s not getting tight. When the time’s right, simply move the ring to a smaller toe...thus prolonging toe ring bliss!
  • How do I contact Toe Ring Queen?
    You can send an email here or snail mail us at: Toe Ring Queen 10017 Barbrook Drive Austin, TX. 78726 You can also message us on Facebook. If you have any question(s) not answered here please drop us a line.
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